Report: Respawn’s Game Xbox 360/720 Exclusive

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Kotauku has reported, via anonymous sources, that Respawn’s upcoming FPS will be exclusive to Xbox 360 and 720/Durango. Respawn Entertainment is comprised of former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella. The game is also rumored to make use of the “always on/always connected” rumors about the next generation Xbox.

The anonymous sources went on to give a (very) vague description of the game. It’s described as a futuristic online-centric shooter. The plot is said to center around a struggle of Davids vs. Goliath’s. One faction is comprised of heavily armored foot soldiers (David’s) and the other is a band of giant exoskeletons referred to as “Titans” the Goliath’s of the plot.

Microsoft’s dedicated sci-fi shooter has been the Halo since the days of the original Xbox. With Bungie breaking ties to create their own “shared world” shooter (Destiny) and leaning towards exclusive content on the Playstation end, it’d make sense for Microsoft to seek out a like minded exclusive title for their next gen console. However, that fact would indicate 343i and the new Halo series may not have the stock that Bungie’s installments garnered. If Microsoft is reaching out for a third party to bridge the gap that Bungie has left, then Respawn’s sci-fi shooter may be just the ticket Microsoft is looking to punch.

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