Rumor: Paul Thurrott Attempts To Forecast The Next Xbox Again



Several weeks ago Paul Thurrott of WhatTheTech made some pretty bold statements about Microsofts next Xbox. He solidified many rumors that were already loose in the wild and reported on several others from his own sources.

Thurrott claimed Microsoft had two models in mind for their new hardware release. One for hardcore gamers and one specifically for entertainment purposes (codenamed Yuma). He’s now reporting that Microsoft has put the ‘lite’ Xbox on hold. It’s also mentioned Microsoft will release a third generation of their Xbox 360 console that’s even more cost effective than the hardware that’s currently on the market. It’s not as costly to make an Xbox 360 eight years after it first released.

It’s also reiterated that the next Xbox will be ‘always on/always online’, but not for the reasons consumers have conceived. However, that’s as far as the explanation went.

His earlier claims about there being two different SKU’s for the Xbox 720 are again mentioned. The lower cost console will be tied to the next generation of Xbox Live. While the more expensive model will likely have a larger HDD and no necessary Live subscription (one can hope).

The OS for the next Xbox has also been a large point of speculation. Thurrott claims it will use some form of Windows 8, which has been an ongoing rumor.

As for the consoles name Thurrott claims Microsoft may just go with ‘Xbox’ which wouldn’t necessarily make sense because there’s already an ‘Xbox’, if you recall it came out at the turn of the century. Other insane names he’s heard tossed around are ‘Loop‘ and ‘Kryptos‘ (isn’t that Superman’s dog?)

So what does all this mean? Well, right now, nothing. As I covered in my most recent editorial, we don’t know anything until Microsoft takes the stage on the now confirmed May 21st reveal.

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