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What’s missing from this image? Oh yeah, the many padlocks that require visits to the upgrade shop

In Youda Survivor 2 you play as an outsider brought to an island inhabited by a tribe of natives. Your survival skills are put to the test as you make your way to retrieving one of the tribes lost artifacts that helps them control the climate of their island.

Let’s start off by saying I’ve never played the original Youda Survivor, so everything here is brand new to me. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t play the first because the second installment is described as a familiar, yet new experience for players of the original. I don’t think I could have handled much more.

The artistic style is pleasant enough with a light cartoony feel to it. However, there’s not much depth in any of the scenery, animals, pirates, or the natural items that inhabit it. There’s points throughout the 100 levels that the environments change. As you draw closer to your ultimate goal you’ll go from beach locales to jungles, arid deserts, and finally to a volcanic setting. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the artistic style but nothing, at any point, stood out to me.

Don't forget to tap that pirate! like 20 times in three seconds.

Don’t forget to tap that pirate! like 20 times in three seconds.

The game play of Youda Survivor 2 consists mostly of managing an insane amount of tasks being undertaken at the same time. You’ll have to collect and combine items to create potions, sanitize water for hydration, and craft specialty foods like omelettes from other items you’ve previously produced. The amount of action happening on screen is utter chaos at some points. You have birds laying eggs, goats trying to eat said eggs, items needing to be collected, and the occasional foe that tosses a bit of a monkey wrench into the task management mojo you sometimes find yourself in. Things like inclement weather also change your approach at times but, for the most part, it’s a never ending grind. I don’t know if I even want to fry my own eggs after watching the in game egg station rock back and fourth producing sunny side up goodness.

Technical and UI issues are abundant with Youda Survivor 2. It’s to be expected with many tasks require frantic screen tapping to execute. For example, remember those pirates I mentioned? I don’t know what kind of lunatic I must have looked like on the bus trying to dispatch the would be foes. It’s necessary to tap the screen, in rapid succession, more than ten times to defeat the scurvy intruders. Later upgraded weapons lessen this burden, but it was a poor choice at best. Then there’s the work stations that are needed to produce higher end items like milk powder, cheese, omelettes, etc. There’s a thin line between commanding the machine to produce, and haphazardly upgrading the machine to produce more items at a time. This happenstance results in lost vitality, and that will either set you back a considerable amount of time on your goal, or effectively sentence you to death when the next string of foes approaches. Put those inconsistencies aside and there’s one even larger issue. Most levels require an upgrade of some kind to begin. That means you’ll have the upgrade shop open more times than I have hairs on my head. This was just another thing that took me out of any kind of groove I was able to muster. I’m not a beginner at gaming, by any stretch of the imagination. This is why I was horribly frustrated with the fact that most of the time I couldn’t figure out which item needed upgrading. There’s upgrade indicators next to everything in the shop. Sometimes it was abundantly clear what I needed to spend my gold starts on, and other times I had no clue. This lead to unnecessary purchases that I wasn’t able to reverse.

At this point it’s obvious that throughout the game you’ll be updating your tools and machines. Your character also receives upgrades of their own. Slowly turning you from a shirtless man/woman in capri pants, into a tribal chief. This progression was mostly aesthetic, and didn’t add or detract from my experience with the game.

Youda Survivor 2 creates a frantic pace that you’ll have to keep up with to succeed. The problem is that many of your inputs are either unrecognized, or misinterpreted. Most everything about the presentation and game play was regrettably forgettable, and the time spent in the upgrade shop left me baffled. Youda does shine when the stars align and you’re able to swiftly carry out hundreds of tasks in short two to three minute sessions, but the constant upgrades, less than ideal touch controls, and incessant screen tapping detract from that enjoyment. The story doesn’t play much of a role in the experience, and was put on the back burner as a means to an end.

+ Frantic time management
+ Sometimes genuinely challenging

– Lackluster visuals
– Non existent story
– Constant game breaking interruptions
– Undesirable touch response


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