Trailer Tuesday – Video Game Edition #6

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Another Tuesday has rolled around, and that means it’s time for your weekly dose of video game trailers (for the most part). Comparatively this week has been considerably better to us, than last. We have quite a few new trailers for you to strain your eyeballs on.

One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen – This is no trailer, it’s a man, wearing an Oculus Rift, on a treadmill, with a light gun, playing Team Fortress 2. That is all


Ride to Hell: Retribution – Okay, this ones a little risque, so watch at your own discretion. There’s a warning at the beginning of the video as well. The game follows a man returning from Vietnam in the late 60’s to find the many sub-cultures that shaped the next decade starting to permeate. The west coast biker culture is the primary focus of Ride to Hell: Retribution. Complete with the sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, and violence that came with it. Publisher Deep Silver (Dead Island) certainly isn’t compromising the content to cast a wider net.


DarkKalypso Media is taking the stealth genre, and injecting a bit of the supernatural into it with Dark. Players will assume the role of a vampire name Eric Bane that utilizes worldly abilities to quietly dispose of foes.


The Evil Within – Again, please use discretion with this one. Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) along with Bethesda Softworks aims to reinvent the survival horror genre with The Evil Within. From the small glimpse provided, it looks like adult diapers may be needed during play sessions.


Well folks, that’s it for this week! Be sure to check back with us continually for up-to-date news, previews, and product reviews!

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