Kicking It Forward – Successful Kickstarter Developers Give Back



Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment has started a new program called Kicking it Forward. The program relies on successful Kickstarter projects to “pay it forward” in an attempt to help fund future projects. It’s a simple idea that’s catching on quickly, and taking part is equally simple. Any Kickstarter project you see that has the URL contained in it’s project page has agreed to put 5% of their finished products profits back into Kickstarter. This means any project that earns a PROFIT will redistribute 5% back into a pool that helps future Kickstarter’s get off the ground.

One of iGR’s Kickstarter Spotlight developers has offered to siphon 5% of their profits to the greater good, KING Art Games will do so after their project Battle Worlds: Kronos turns a profit. The great people at KING Art are one of the more progressive developers in the industry today, and they deserve our support. They’ve been gracious enough to contribute to our community giveaway, as well as sit down for an insightful exclusive interview about their Kickstarter project.

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Dylan Zellmer

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