Evoland PC Review



The first game play I saw for Evoland inspired me to say aloud, “this is the probably the coolest idea I have seen so far this year in indie gaming”. Knowing that the game was going to be short didn’t deter me from purchasing, and it didn’t end in buyers remorse.

In Evoland you play as a blonde, spiky haired protagonist reminiscent of Final Fantasy 7s Cloud Strife, by the name of Clink. Your quest is to help save Aogai City from the wastelands that have been overtaking everything in its path. With the help of a local girl, Kaeris, you set off towards the Black Citadel to stop the wastelands from spreading throughout the world.

What I really liked about this game is how it takes multiple elements from some older RPGs that have paved the way for the newer generation of gaming.

While exploring Evoland you’ll notice that travel methods, and battle techniques will change depending on location. In some areas you will swing your sword freely, like in Legend of Zelda, fighting bats, skeletons and mages. Other times you will walk into a random encounters, and be forced to fight in a Active Time Battle like in many Final Fantasy games. In one area you even battle hordes of monsters in the style of Diablo.

Regardless of all the cool mash up of RPG elements, what makes Evoland stand out among the rest, is the idea of unlocking everything through opening treasure chests scattered about the game world. When I mean everything, I mean everything. You must unlock color, music, monsters, story elements, among countless other things. Heck the main character didn’t even have a name till about halfway through the game.

Seemingly game altering treasure chests aren’t hidden so you can’t find them, quite the contrary, they’re actually right out in the open. As I played I was constantly curious about what new feature was going to be added to the game. There are optional treasure chests that are hidden and contain Evoland stars, as well as game cards that allow you to battle against npcs in town.

Despite the short game time there isn’t much to complain about. If you want a game that brings something new to the table, Evoland is a great choice. For me, watching as your game evolves in front of your eyes, and how well Shiro Games mashed up nostalgic games more than makes up for it.

+ Awesome game elements

+Nostalgic for older gamers and enlightening for younger ones

– Length of narrative

Review Score: 8/10