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Welcome back to another edition of iGR‘s weekly movie news article: Film Nerd News! No birthday to celebrate this week so no rambling about me or how awesome my parents are, just the hard-hitting journalism you come to expect from FNN! That’s right, I totes (that’s right, totes) just called this journalism! How true that is, is for you to decide but until someone tells me not to, I’m totes (yeah, I did it again) going to continue to do it! Anyways, why don’t we talk about some movie news?

4/15 – The cast for TRANSCENDECE continues to get more Nolan-y by the day

  • When this story broke, I actually mentioned it on my Twitter feed (so IN YOUR FACE people who don’t believe I use it to talk about things that could be covered in this article!) and the fact that it’s not surprising that actors with ties to producer Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy) are signing on for the pic. Last week it was Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption) and this week it’s Cillian Murphy (Sunshine), who you may recognize as Scarecrow in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. That said, the casting up until Freeman were all Nolan first-timers including star Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise). Nolan first-timers or not, the cast lined up so far is really solid and the premise is incredibly intriguing so it sounds like something nobody should miss out on.

4/16 – Another interesting addition to Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

  • Again, forgive my ignorance on the source material and whether or not it’s a good casting choice but Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) has joined the film as the character Yondu. With his role as Merle on The Walking Dead, Rooker has gained a lot more recognition lately but he’s always been a solid character actor that seemingly never got his “break” so it’s nice to see him get a leading role in a major franchise. Like I said, I’m pretty clueless with Guardians of the Galaxy as a whole but Marvel has certainly shown it’s going for quality rather than headlines with its casting of the film. Understandably, many view this as the hardest adaptation has done yet and it would’ve been easy for them to try and sell it to the general public with names they’d recognize but they’re not doing that. Criticize Disney for a lot of things, but it’s approach with the Marvel properties has been incredibly well done and is something that should give Star Wars fans hope that they’re not going ruin their childhood.

4/18 – I guess we didn’t run out of 80s movies to reboot; WEIRD SCIENCE is next

  • I made the joke last week that Hollywood had run out of films to adapt from the 80s so was moving onto the 90s but apparently there was at least one left: Weird Science. That’s right, the 1985 film that also spawned a TV series in the mid-90s is getting the reboot treatment! Like I said last week, I’ve just accepted that reboots and remakes will continue being things but this one is pretty easy to get behind when you consider who Universal hired to write it: Michael Bacall (21 Jump Street). Bacall’s not a household name yet (in fact, most would probably recognize him from his work as a character actor in the last couple of Tarantino films) but has put together a string of solid work the past couple of years, including co-writing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and the aforementioned 21 Jump Street reboot. I love Scott Pilgrim vs. the World but his work on 21 Jump Street is what makes this news so much better. With 21 Jump Street, he crafted a great film that, while sharing some of the same DNA as the original series, still has its own identity. It’ll be interesting to see how soon this reboot ends up on screen though because Bacall is currently working on the sequels to 21 Jump Street and Project X so he’s pretty busy at the moment.

4/19 – Tired of trying to make his kids into stars, Will Smith lines up his next projects

  • While I’m sure he isn’t actually tired of it, the truth is Will Smith (Independence Day) has been more focused on the career of his son, Jaden, the past couple of years than his own. That’s about to change, though because Smith has lined up a few new projects. The first being Focus, a film about a con-man who takes a young woman under his wing only for things to get complicated when they become romantically involved. Written/directed by Glenn Ficara and John Requa (Crazy, Stupid Love.), it was originally supposed to be a Crazy, Stupid Love. reunion with Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Ryan Gosling (Drive) but their schedules wouldn’t allow it. It was then supposed to be Ben Affleck (Argo) and Kristen Stewart (Twilight franchise) in the roles but Affleck dropped out so he could focus on his next directorial project and with Smith now on board, apparently somebody was uncomfortable with the age difference between Smith and Stewart so now Stewart’s gone. While I’m sure the constant casting changes is annoying, if it ends up with Smith as one of the stars, I’m sure the producers will be okay with it, at the end of the day. That’s not all though because Smith also lined up American Can (a story about an unlikely hero during Hurricane Katrina) and The Accountant (about a government accountant who also happens to be an assassin), with the former being eyed as Edward Zwick‘s (Glory) next project as well. It’s nice to see Smith concentrating on his own career again because a lot of people are already sick of his son but Smith doesn’t exactly choose his roles wisely, which is incredibly clear when you take into account him passing on Django Unchained.

4/19 – Another casting rumor for THE CROW reboot but this one doesn’t sound awful

  • The best news of the week, by far, also came from the strangest of places: the rumor mill that is ┬ácasting for The Crow reboot. After all, the names being bandied about for the titular role prior to Friday’s news included Mark Wahlberg (The Departed), Bradley Cooper (The Hangover trilogy) and James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class); all pretty underwhelming choices if you ask me. Enter Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers)! To me, he seems almost like a no-brainer at this point because the guy reeks of versatility, something you can’t really say for the previous three names mentioned (though Cooper did manage to show he actually has range in Silver Linings Playbook) and I think versatility is important in portraying Eric Draven in the 21st century. Supposedly, negotiations are in the early stages so who knows if it will actually end up happening but at this point, if they can’t lock down a talent like Hiddleston, I’m not sure they should even go forward with the reboot.

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