The Wolf Among Us – Bigby Wolf and New York’s Secret Community

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Telltale Games, DC/Vertigo, and Warner Bros. will collectively bring the world of Fables alive in, The Wolf Among Us. Telltale has forged a reputation of taking established franchises, and creating unforgettable experiences with them. Telltale has been more than influential in the revitalization of the Adventure Game genre. DC/Vertigo is entrusting Telltale with one of their most accomplished and longest running comics. Fables is the winner of over twelve Eisner Awards, and a consistent New York Times Bestseller.

Telltale Games CEO, Dan Connors, recently spoke about his excitement on the studios newest project. “Through an evolution of our approach to choice and consequence, we can further explore the complexity of each and every iconic character in a universe rich with untold history from the darkest sides of the storybooks.”

In other words Telltale will have a deep well to draw water from. The Wolf Among Us will take place prior to Bill Willingham’s acclaimed series. The fiction takes place within a secret community (Fabletown) within New York City. Players assume the role of Bigby Wolf, formerly the “Big Bad Wolf”, as he struggles to keep order in a secret society of mythical creatures. Bigby is a reformed villain, and has the ability to take on a human form as seen in the principal screen shot that’s been released for The Wolf Among Us. Bigby will likely be tasked with a mystery of sorts to solve, as Fables consistently takes on different forms throughout it’s story arcs. Earlier arcs focused on murder mysteries, conspiracies, and even daring capers.

Look for  a return to form for Telltale after their brief (wildly successful) look at a depressing apocalyptic world full of flesh eating zombies. Fables offers Telltale the perfect source material to create episodic content. Well written comic books like Fables tell detailed stories aided by breathtaking art work.  The Wolf Among Us will likely adapt Fables with vibrant art work, humor, unique characters, and a strong narrative.

Look for more information on The Wolf Among Us as it becomes available.

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