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In Deadfall Adventures you’ll play the part of a disenchanted adventurer named James Lee Quartermain. Quartermain comes from a family of relic hunters. His grandfather Allan, in particular, had a legendary reputation. James grew up hearing fantastic tales of the supernatural variety. Later in life he finds himself utterly disconnected from his families legacy, and despises the mention of his grandfathers exploits, whether in admiration, or contempt.

James is the type of man that doesn’t look to the future, and is seemingly always on the wrong side of the overdraft line. With respect to his financial woes James decides to escort his former colleague Jennifer Goodwin to an Egyptian temple to retrieve a priceless relic – The Heart of Atlantis. He’s fully aware that the Nazi Party and a division of Ahnenerbe are hunting the artifact as well, and isn’t deterred in the least.

The duo soon find themselves in an intense hunt for the relic that takes them from the deserts of Egypt, to the Arctic, and the jungles of Guatemala. The long lost adventurer inside Quartermain is awoken whilst engaged in the bloody race to the Heart. Deep in the many temples James uncovers, he finds his grandfathers tales are a reality. Age old protectors have awoken from their slumber to banish the many intruders that have flooded their forgotten homes.

Deadfall Adventures will blend the FPS with the classic Action/Adventure genre. Players will find it’s especially rewarding to explore off the beaten path, solve ancient riddles, all the while dispatching your many enemies. Unique tools to the adventurer trade like the compass, treasure maps, flashlights, and your trusty notebook will accompany you on your quest to recover the Heart. Become a master of your ancient surroundings, and harness the many traps meant to protect the temples on your own foes.


Deadfall’s 1930’s sytlization, beautiful locations, and unique game play make it a world worth exploring come this Summer. Deadfall Adventures is coming to the PC and Xbox 360.

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