Is There A New IP Coming From Bethesda?

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If you’ve been watching Bethesda’s Twitter feed, or catching the strange teasers they’ve been releasing this week, you know they have a game announcement on the horizon. It’s now been confirmed the reveal will occur tomorrow, 4/19 on exclusively on ign. If your a dedicated gamer, you probably belong to the neogaf community. There’s a poll currently running on the gaming forum that’s attempting to forecast the new game reveal. So far the front runner is Zwei, from the creator of the Resident Evil series,¬†Shinji Mikami. It’s been confirmed more than once that the reveal isn’t going to be a Fallout game :(, but a return to true survival horror would also be a welcome announcement. Earlier this week Pete Hines stated that Bethesda wants to make some waves during 2013, and another new IP would do the trick. Stay tuned for more information as it’s revealed.

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Dylan Zellmer

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