Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To #5


It’s week five of our Kickstarter Spotlight article. We’ve covered some very successful projects up to this point. Three featured projects have made the grade, another is trying to catch traction, and our newest is over half way home.

Battle Worlds: Kronos – KING Art Games – Bremen, Germany


Battle Worlds: Kronos has raised an astounding $200,000 so far in it’s Kickstarter-campaign. For the lovingly crafted TBS game to find it’s way to mobile devices, and possibly the OUYA KING Art is looking for just an additional $50,000 in funding. KING Art Games have been gracious enough to sit down for an interview, and contribute to our community giveaway.


Don’t forget to head over to the Battle Worlds: Kronos Kickstarter-campaign

CONSORTIUM – iDGi – Vancouver, Canada


iDGi has successfully funded their insanely deep RPG project CONSORTIUM. There’s less than 24 hours to go on their campaign, and Interdimensional Games are less than $10,000 away from their first true stretch goal. They aim to add destructible environments to their micro-scale open world. We recently conducted an interview with Gregory MacMartin, Founder and CEO of iDGi. Within you’ll find everything you need to know about this ambitious attempt to break away the “Fourth Wall”.


Bust through the fourth wall and take on the role of Bishop Six on iDGi’s Kickstarter-campaign

Sektor 58 – Crowdcell Ltd – London, United Kingdom


Crowdcell Ltd. has taken to Kickstarter to fund their dream RTS Sektor 58. The project finds itself in pre-Alpha even before the campaign kicked off. If you enjoy delaying satisfaction, this campaign isn’t for you. If successfully funded, Crowdcell has promised delivery of the final product within a five month period of their campaign ending. Which is an oddity in the world of Kickstarter. Crowdcell put together an exclusive video for us, chronicling the development of Sektor 58:

Head over to Crowdcell’s Kickstarter-campaign to offer your support!

Divinity: Original Sin – Larian Studios – Sacramento, California


Larian Studios is an established team that’s responsible for bringing us Divine Divinity and Divinity 2. Divinity: Original Sin is the teams attempt to catch lightning in a bottle. They want to craft the perfect turn based, isometric RPG. The early footage shows the team was hard at work on Original Sin even before their Kickstarter-campaign went live.


Larian has almost reached their second stretch goal to add personality traits and talents to your character. Check out Larian’s Kickstarter-campaign.

Camelot Unchained – City State Entertainment – Fairfax, Virginia
City State Entertainment has set out to create a new breed of MMO. Camelot Unchained blends medieval themes with the more contemporary post apocalyptic scene. In the fiction of Camelot Unchained a cataclysmic explosion tears what’s called “the veil”, basically the separation of our dimension, from another full of legendary horrors. The game is considered an RvR MMORPG. That means the player base is divided and engages in PvP battles. The team consists of seasoned veterans that have worked on Warhammer, Skyrim, and the Dark Age of Camelot.


City State Entertainment is raising the bar on what is possible with a Kickstarter funded game. Pledge fealty to Camelot, and bend the knee over at their Kickstarter-campaign.

That’s a whole lotta fantastic projects. Some need your help more than others, but if your an avid PC gamer there’s more than enough to get excited about here. Catch up with us next week for another Kickstarter Spotlight!


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