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TV Nerd News!

A quick glance at the calendar shows that today is Tuesday and you know what that means: iGR‘s TV Nerd News! You may be asking yourself “Kyle, I thought it was on Mondays?” and you would be right (though, asking yourself questions that are directed at me sounds kind of crazy so you might want to stop) but like I said in yesterday’s FNN, we’re tweaking some things to spread it out a bit.

Anyways, let’s get into it, shall we?

4/8 – Norman Bates to continue being creepy for A&E; BATES MOTEL renewed

  • I haven’t yet watched Bates Motel but it seems to be getting decent critical praise and it’s obviously doing well enough ratings-wise since A&E just renewed it for another season. Since I haven’t seen it, I can’t comment on the quality of the show but I can say that A&E succeeding with their original programming is good news to me. Anytime a cable channel can succeed with original, scripted programming is a win for me because I believe “reality” shows are the scourge of humanity. That’s not to say A&E won’t continue to do their “reality” shows but success in scripted programming will likely lead to more scripted programming. Not to mention that continued success on various cable channels puts pressure on the big four networks to come up with stuff that people actually like to watch.

4/9 – THE SOPRONOS vet to get a little CALIFORNICATION

  • Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) hasn’t done a lot since The Sopranos ended. ABC basically tried its hardest to create something for him, casting him in both Life on Mars and Detroit 1-8-7 but neither series stuck, again leaving Imperioli with pretty much nothing to do. So where do you go from there? Book a recurring spot on a long-running premium cable show! That’s right, he’s been added as a recurring for the next season (its seventh!)of Showtime‘s Californication. He’ll be playing a TV producer that is involved in Hank Moody’s (David Duchovny) newest project. As a big Sopranos fan, it’s nice to see Imperioli get work but as someone who was once a big Californication fan, I struggle to come up with reasons as to why the show is still on the air. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not really terrible but it just strikes me as a show that is simply treading water and hasn’t done anything that interesting in awhile. Hopefully it’ll receive a shot in the arm with Imperioli around but I’m not going to hold my breath.

4/9 – Better Call Saul! Because AMC wants to stay in the BREAKING BAD business

  • This is probably the best news story all week because it means more Vince Gilligan (series creator) in the Breaking Bad universe. I’m sure I’m not alone in dreading the fact that the show will be ending by the end of this summer and this news cements that because apparently AMC is too. I think using Bob Odenkirk‘s (Mr. Show with Bob and David) Saul Goodman character is the perfect choice for leading a spinoff. He’s been great in the role and he’s the most logical way of extending the universe since everybody needs a shady lawyer! ┬áThat said, it’s not a done deal and will still be a gamble because you have to trust that the supporting character (however strong they may be) can lead an entire series on their own. I think it could work and they’re wisely saying it will skew more comedic than Breaking Bad but still, it’s a risk and that’s why AMC and Gilligan haven’t made it official yet.

4/10 – Syfy likes BEING HUMAN; renews it for a fourth season

  • While I have a supreme distaste for Syfy lately (for canceling Alphas), like I said earlier, it’s nice when cable channels succeed in scripted programming. That said, I’ve got to be honest: I barely remember that Being Human is a thing until I see news of its renewal or when Dylan brings it up randomly. I’m not going to say they haven’t been successful because getting four seasons of any show is a success but considering I watch more TV than most, the fact that I don’t even remember that it exists at times, is kind of a bad thing. That obviously seems pretty moot considering it just got renewed but think about the kind of business it could do if people were actually aware of it?

4/10 – HBO is OPEN with Ryan Murphy

  • A show about sexuality on HBO? I AM SHOCKED! Okay, kidding aside, it was a pretty big no-brainer to combine the best premium cable channel with a series that explores sexuality from one of the leading producers today in Ryan Murphy (Glee). After all, if picked up, this would mark Murphy’s fourth series on the air (the aforementioned Glee, American Horror Story and The New Normal). That said, I don’t really get the appeal. My distaste/indifference towards the horror genre is probably well-established at this point so it’s no surprise that I’m not into American Horror Story but with Glee and The New Normal, I just don’t find his sense of humor to be that great. So even though the partnership between Murphy’s idea and HBO is a no-brainer, doesn’t mean that I’m even remotely interested in seeing it.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to check out a brand new edition of Trailer Tuesday a bit later and look back at yesterday’s FNN. In the mean time, follow me on Twitter @kyle_igr and the site @igresponsibly!

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