Trailer Tuesday – Video Game Edition #5

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The fifth installment of iGR’s Trailer Tuesday Video Game Edition is a go. We’re a little light this week on trailers, but we’ll make due.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Official Trailer – The third installment of the Far Cry series has it’s fair share of titular madness stuffed into it. Blood Dragon aims to amp up the insanity. Beware the neon lights, explosions, and 80’s workout videos.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall Launch Trailer – If you’ve played dishonored you know the deal. The Empress is assassinated, and the protagonist corvo is wrongfully accused, instantly becoming an enemy of the state. In Dishonored’s second DLC release we’ll take on the role of Daud, a master assassin. If you haven’t played the game, and plan to, don’t watch this trailer.

Defiance Story Trailer – Trion Worlds is still releasing trailers for Defiance, even after the game has launched. That’s not typically a good sign, but it’s possible that Trion feels they haven’t provided enough information on the core story of Defiance yet.

Bethesda Teaser – This is almost not even worth the trouble of these words, or the copy/paste embed. It’s not Fallout 4 according to Pete Hines, but it may just be a new Wolfenstein…you know because of barbed wire.

Well I told you it’d be short and sweet this week. Sad face, hopefully we’ll have more next week. That’s all folks!

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