Rumor: New Battlefield 4 Details Lifted From Gamestop Poster

Battlefield 4111


A very rough video was shot at a local Gamestop that features a Battlefield 4 promotional poster. When the camera person (youtube user Luger700) zooms in close you’ll see that a few new details are on display. The poster states, “3 playable factions – Russia, China, and United States” it also makes mention of a game mode that may make it’s return to the Battlefield franchise with this bit of text, “All out war, vehicle combat, and ‘Commander Mode’ returns

While the poster seems rather unprofessionally prepared, Gamestop has been known to throw their own promo material together on short notice to bolster more sales. The videographer pans around a bit to show that they’re indeed at a Gamestop location. The video itself isn’t worth playing unless you want to see “how not to shoot a video”. Until these details are confirmed by EA and DICE take this report as a grain of salt.

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