Bethesda Plans To Make An Impact In 2013

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During a recent interview on the UK OXM Podcast Bethesda’s Vice President Pete Hines mentioned,  “I think you’ll hear us making considerably more noise this year than we did last year, as a publisher.” 2012 was a quiet year for Bethesda, publishing only two titles. Dishonored and Doom 3 BFG Edition was all she wrote for Bethesda in 2012. Hines went on to say, “We will be announcing new stuff and making some noise, and I think when we get the chance to show you guys what we’re up to, that you’ll sit up and take notice.” With the approach of the eighth console generation for Sony and Microsoft looming, will Bethesda make a next gen announcement soon?

A while back we reported that Fallout 3’s fictional radio personality Three Dog voiced by Erik Todd made a cryptic statement on his Twitter account. That statement “To all my #Fallout3 and #ThreeDog fans: There may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers crossed!” gives hope that some preliminary voice acting is being hashed out for a new Vault Dweller to start roaming war torn America.

So what’ll it be? Fallout 4? More Dishonored? A next gen Elder Scrolls? It’s already known that Bethesda will be launching ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) during 2013, so it’s unlikely that Hines is teasing an already announced project.


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