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UK based Crowdcell Ltd. has taken to Kickstarter to fund their action RTS Sektor 58. The project was just featured in our Kickstarter Spotlight. Crowdcell has been kind enough to put together a fantastic video chronicling their development process for Sektor 58 to wet our appetites for the preview.


The backers of Sektor 58’s Kickstarter-campaign will find themselves in a fantastic position. Crowdcell’s project is further along than most, and a playable alpha will be released to the Kickstarter backers by June, with the full release coming by the end of 2013.

The fantastical story finds you light years away from Earth in a habitable solar system of planets called Sektor 58. As the millennium nears there’s a brand new wave of violence and civil unrest in the other worldly colony. Your role in the story is part of the resistance that’s taken home on  Zeostra, and you learn there’s threat of an imminent attack on Zeostra. It’s time to take action against The Syndicate of Nebula, the current rulers of Sektor 58. Your task will be to annihilate the war ships orbiting Zeostra, and all other Syndicate assets before they’re able to obliterate your home.


Sektor 58 is an RTS first, and an RPG second. Crowdcell Ltd. promises to challenge players with an array of game play choices, player progression, and tough tactical decisions:

  • Engage in fierce fire-fights, outwit and overcome Syndicate forces in various combat scenarios.
  • Hack into Syndicate Cyber-Systems enabling you to take control of their bots (which you can then use against them!).
  • Arm your battalion with powerful futuristic weaponry which will give you the ability to wield monumental destructive power.
  • Request ‘orbital drops’ of backup fighters from your Transporter in order to gain the upper hand over the enemy.
  • Make tough tactical decisions and use effective battle management skills.


There’s also a multiplayer aspect that’s being attached to the single player portion. It’s been explained as one time events, or battles that won’t have any affect on the single player portion of the game. Game lobbies, email invite, or Facebook will launch multiplayer matches where you’ll be able to use the progression and gear earned in the single player portion to outwit your opponents battalion.

Crowdcell’s been delightfully transparent about what they intend to use their Kickstarter funding for. They’re aiming to hire talented artists to craft the environments of Sektor 58’s many planets. The remaining funding will fuel development through Beta, and finally to launch. Head over to Crowdcell’s Kickstarter-campaign for Sektor 58, and help bring this project to fruition.

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