Report: Next Generation Xbox Launch Titles Include Ryse and Forza



The veil is still covering what Microsoft plans for it’s next Xbox reveal, and the software that will launch beside it. The Verge has reported a couple of rumored launch titles for the next Xbox console. Many gamers have been disgruntled with the amount of promotion and focus the Kinect has been getting since it’s E3 2010 announcement. It’s looking like Microsoft will not only require a Kinect sensor as part of the next Xbox package, but that they are going to continue focusing heavily on software for the peripheral.

The rumor states that Crytek has continued work on Ryse, and that it will be a launch title. It’s also stated that Microsoft aims for Ryse to be the next gen equivalent to Gears of War or Halo. A new Forza title is also rumored with (get this) “super life-like” graphics. Two more vague launch titles were described as a “zombie” game, and a family friendly title set on an island with “Pixar” like graphics. Not a whole lot to go on here, but that’s what happens when people are clamoring for information. If these rumors are confirmed we will update.

What do you think about a Kinect title being the new “core” title for the next Xbox?

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