Trailer Tuesday – Video Game Edition #4

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Welcome back to iGR’s weekly video game trailer roundup. We’ve got some great looks for you this week. This is the one article I wanted to spare you the pain of too much talking, so here we go:

Metro: Last Light – Publisher Deep Silver saved Metro: Last Light from falling into obscurity at the THQ auction. 4A games is once again developing, and we’ve got a brand new subterranean adventure full of mutants, quazi Nazi’s, and whatever else 4A decided to throw our way. This trailer acts as chapter 1 of a “survival guide” of sorts on how to “make it” in the metro. It’s a bit surprising that elements of humor are used in a trailer for such a dark game, but it’s enjoyable enough. More importantly it gives us a good look around.


The Last of Us – This is less a trailer, and more a dev diary, but I can’t get enough of Naughty Dog’s own upcoming post apocalyptic world of The Last of Us. It’s a great video documentary showing what the developers had in mind when creating the world in which Joel and Ellie will inhabit. As you can see nature has begun to reclaim the cities of old, not unlike History’s brief look at “Life after People“.

The beautiful wastelands of The Last of Us by All-Games-Beta

Divinity: Original SinLarian Studios took to Kickstarter to fund their next installment in the Divinity series. The project has already been successfully funded, so congrats to Larian! Here’s the original Kickstarter pitch. They still have plenty of stretch goals to meet, so don’t forget to check them out!


FuseInsomniac is wrapping up on it’s first multi-platform release of this console generation. Fuse is a four player, third person shooter cooperative action game. EA will be publishing the title, and Insomniac has been releasing character snap shots leading up to release. This time it’s Izzy, the fiery redhead wielding some kind of elemental assault rifle, and a bit of computer skills.


Remember MeCapcom has a strong 2013 schedule that started with DMC: Devil May Cry, and includes Remember Me. This third person action game is one to watch out for this year, and has a similar art style to Suda 51’s upcoming joint Killer is Dead.


That’s it for this week, just make sure you tell your boss about the twenty minutes you just wasted. Don’t want to end up being paid for it right!?

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