Rumor: Next Xbox Will Be Expensive 5/21 Reveal

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According to a new thread posted on NeoGaf, originated from WhatTheTech the new Xbox isn’t going to be inexpensive. The source of this information is Paul Thurrott, and he claims the next Xbox could cost anywhere from $300 (with subscription?) – $500. The subscription may be referring to the next generation of Xbox Live Gold. It’s also mentioned that Microsoft has postponed their original April reveal, and pushed it back to 5/21.

The report of a persistent internet connection also rears it’s ugly head once again. What we’ve been hearing is by no means concrete, but the information whether true or not is mounting. We’ve been hearing a lot of negative things about the next Xbox. Not to mention this past weeks Twitter outburst by Adam Orth. Something interesting happens when rumors circulate. People create a preconception whether the information is deemed true, or not. It’s harder to wipe away false information with truths than it is to plant the seed of doubt with the spread inaccurate information. Whether the rumors are true about Microsoft’s next Xbox, or not, it’s my belief that Microsoft is hurting itself by letting the rumors build prior to the actual announcement of their new home console. Delaying the next Xbox announcement may indicate Microsoft is rethinking some of their strategies (unlikely), or they are preparing for a more hard hitting reveal than was previously planned. Either way we’ll keep you up to speed the best we can.

Dylan Zellmer

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