Rumor: Sony May Hold Another PlayStation 4 Event Prior To E3

Sony Playstation 4 Ps4 Official 002 630x354


A source familiar with Sony’sMarketing Plan” states the Japanese Multinational Conglomerate will most likely manufacture another event touting their Playstation 4 console prior to the E3 trade show. Sony has been more forthcoming about it’s next generation plans than Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft hasn’t officially confirmed it even has a new console in development.

The nature of this event is still unknown, but it’s probable Sony will reveal the console itself (which was not present at the PS4 Reveal). Another likely intention for another event would be to announce pricing, additional software, and pre-order details. Sony has tipped it’s next generation hand early hoping transparency will help them outsell Microsoft in the eighth console generation. Another event prior to E3 could also shine the spotlight on many of the “Indie” developers and software Sony is making such a large push for on it’s Playstation 4 console, leaving E3 open to it’s high profile developers and their future releases. The final motivation may be to counteract the reported Microsoft Event that’s set to take place later this month.

At this point this report, and the others like it are all rumor and conjecture, but we’ll keep you up to date when more information surfaces.

Source: PCmag

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