Report: More Signs Point To The Next Xbox Requiring Persistent Internet Connection

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Kotaku is king of anonymous sources these days, and more have come forward to perpetuate the claim that the next Xbox will require a persistent internet connection. Multiple industry sources (anonymous ones) have cited the next Xbox will need an internet connection to launch games and apps. A direct quote from one of the sources reads:

Unless something has changed recently, Durango consumer units must have an active internet connection to be used. If there isn’t a connection, no games or apps can be started. If the connection is interrupted then after a period of time–currently three minutes, if I remember correctly–the game/app is suspended and the network troubleshooter started.”

Rumors to this tune have been circulating for some time in reference to the next Xbox. Along with the report that Kinect 2.0 will be a required hardware component. It seems likely that these reports reflect Microsoft’s plans, or what the plan was at some point. One of the sources states information being passed within the last two weeks that confirmed the “always on” connection requirement.

It’s well known that many areas even inside the continental U.S. are still struggling to provide a strong broadband connection, and that may work directly against Microsoft’s next generation console. Microsoft may be inadvertently alienating a good portion of gamers that don’t have quality internet, or simply don’t want to have their console continuously connected. We’ll continue to monitor these rumors, and update when applicable.


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