Mark Cerny Praises The PlayStation 4 As “Supercharged PC Architecture”

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If you remember the Playstation 4 Reveal Mark Cerny was a large part of the presentation. He’s been tasked as the Lead System Architect on the Playstation 4 console. In a recent interview with Nikkei Cerny touted the Playstation 4’s easy development environment, among other things.

He talked about the decision to go with x86 architecture on the PS4, and how that translates into a simple environment that was easily accessible by many developer tools. Cerny also relates that Sony made the decision to integrate DDR5 memory to eliminate many of the memory bandwidth issues that have “bottle necked” developers for some time. In a basic rundown of the “supercharged PC architectureCerny referred to four main distinctions.

  1. Fast data transfer between the CPU and GPU
  2. Reduced reliance on cached memory
  3. Ease of use for developers
  4. Integrating a function to make the CPU take over the preprocessing to be conducted by the GPU

Cerny ended the interview with a great quote: “We are claiming that our company is leading innovations,” Cerney said. “And we certainly employed our own distinguished technologies for the PS4.”

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Dylan Zellmer

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