Trailer Tuesday – Video Game Edition #2

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This week we have tons of new video game trailers for ye iGR faithful. Get ready to take a second lunch break, or just act like your working.

Battle Worlds: Kronos – We mentioned KING Art Games last week in our inaugural Kickstarter spotlight article. The group out of Bremen, Germany is diligently supporting their campaign with regular updates. Here we have the our first teaser trailer for the ambitious crowd funded project:

Gone HomeThe Fullbright Company has taken a under utilized concept in today’s gaming industry, and used it as the basis for Gone Home. The simple act of exploration has been stripped from many of the linear stories we find ourselves experiencing. Gone Home presents you with a seemingly empty home to explore. Set in 1995 you’ll have to explore the your lifeless environment to find out what happened to the Greenbriar family. Check out this game play trailer of Gone Home:

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – The newest installment in the long running Splinter Cell series adds new core game play mechanics to the franchise. One of the new additions is dubbed “Killing in Motion“, and will allow you to mark targets to dispatch them in quick succession. There’s also going to be Kinect voice integration that will result in the ability to harness verbal misdirection on your foes:

The Swapper – Developer Facepalm Games out of Helsinki, Finland turned quite a few heads at PAX East with The Swapper. They also recently released an announcement trailer Steam confirming The Swapper would be releasing on the platform:

BioShock Infinite – After a long and arduous development cycle, Irrational Games has finally released BioShock Infinite. To say they’ve released to critical acclaim would be a huge understatement. The practice of keeping their fan base up to date with the development of BioShock Infinite was a smart decision, and translated into fervent anticipation for the title. This trailer was released to accompany BioShock Infinite’s release (Today!):

Blacklight: RetributionSony is making a move to secure indie developers for it’s upcoming PS4 console release. The addition of Zombie Studios’ FTP FPS Blacklight: Retribution is a great start:

Primal CarnageLukewarm Media has also pledged it’s support to the launch of the PS4 with Primal Carnage. This is an Unreal Engine 4 powered game that looks to have some real potential on the PS4:

Well folks that’ll do it for another Trailer Tuesday Video Game Edition. Don’t forget to drop us a comment telling us your favorite trailer out of the bunch for a chance to win a RedBox video game rental code! We’ll keep this contest open until next Monday 4-1, at which point we’ll choose our winner.

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