Undead Labs Nearly Finished With State of Decay

State Of Decay


Undead Labs is taking a different approach to the zombie genre with State of Decay. You know that inevitable conversation you and your buds have about the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse? Next time make sure someone is taking the minutes. In State of Decay you’ll focus on creating a community and keeping it safe after the undead scourge besets presumably upon the world.

State of Decay gives you an open world full of different types of locales. Plan your community, build defenses, and stage daring raids to gather supplies. You’ll also have the opportunity to save skilled NPC characters during randomly generated events, and use their specific skills to better your community.

The third person combat mechanics seem to be tight and rather fluid. aiming doesn’t look very taxing, melee weapons have weight, and evasion is intuitive. I always enjoy distracting enemies and slipping past them rather than directly engaging, and State of Decay looks like it’ll offer several diversionary tactics as well.

The world State of Decay takes place in is ever evolving. Raiding the same areas too often will completely deplete resources, and making to much noise while building that brand new wall may just produce the exact opposite effect you were hoping. You’ll encounter other groups that may want to trade with you, or ask for your help in taking the offensive against a nearby zombie horde.

Look for more updates on State of Decay right here on it’s way to the Xbox Live Arcade, Summer of Arcade sale.

Dylan Zellmer

I split time between games journalism and making video games. My love of it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), fitness and my family define me otherwise.
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  • screenamesuck

    Your title is misleading. There is no release date, not even a hint right now. Nobody from Undead Labs has ever said it would be released during the Summer of Arcade lineup. I suggest you change the title

    • Thanks for the feedback, we linked directly to Game Informer at the end of the article when we mention Summer of Arcade as they were our source. If you check out their preview it’s stated Undead Labs hopes to release the title before, or during the Summer of Arcade.

      • Sanya

        Well, Game Informer is correct, sort of. We will release the title when Microsoft says we’re done. We are in pre-certification, which means we are effectively finished except for some texture bugs and some tuning. Our publisher, MS Studios, is going through it looking for problems. Every morning they send us a report, every night we turn in fixes. This process is open ended. When THAT is done, we go to certification, which is where the XBox platform team determines if we met the technical requirements to be on XBLA. When THAT is done, we’ll determine a release date. If that’s before Summer of Arcade, it’ll be before. If it’s near Summer of Arcade, it’ll be then.

        But in _no way shape or form_ did I or any reporter ever say we had announced a release date, because we have not and did not. The whole entire truth (which I realize people aren’t used to hearing) is that WE DO NOT KNOW YET.

        Thanks 🙂

        • An enormous thank you to Sanya with Undead Labs for clarifying the release window further. We’re looking forward to the release of State of Decay WHEN IT’S DONE.

          • screenamesuck

            all is good in the world

  • Undead_1One1

    It looks like a great concept in an over saturated genre.