Klei Entertainment Continues It’s Evolution With Don’t Starve

Dont Starve Art


Don’t Starve is Klei Entertainment’s first release off the heels of the wildly successful stealth game Mark of the Ninja. Klei made a name for themselves with titles like Shank and Shank 2. Mark of the Ninja was the first sign of the developers broadening horizons, and Don’t Starve looks to be another notch in the Vancouver developers belt.

Don’t Starve will focus on surviving in a hostile environment. At the outset you’ll take control of a scientist name Wilson (Wiiilson!) that’s sucked into a portal while experimenting in his lab. In Don’t Starve you’ll have to avoid starvation, insanity, and the hostile creatures that inhabit the unknown environment you’ve been sucked into. Wilson will have to maintain his health, sanity, and hunger in order to survive. Don’t Starve will offer two separate game play modes including a campaign mode, and an infinite survival mode.

Visit Don’t Starve’s official site to learn more about the open Beta that’s live now, and purchase Don’t Starve for a special price now before it’s April 24th release.

Dylan Zellmer

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