Rumor: Next Xbox Will Always Be Connected and Games Installed To HDD



The Verge has reported on a year old document outlining how the Next Xbox will handle software. The original document states the Next Xbox will require software to be installed to the HDD. It goes on to explain that Microsoft is (was) developing the means of booting the game from the disc while the install is occurring in the background.

The elephant that’s been in the room for sometime makes an appearance once again as well. The reference to “always on, always connected” scares gamers when it comes to the console space. Many fear that used games will be a thing of the past with this type of connected console, or “DRM”.

Earlier rumors were confirmed when it comes to Kinect 2.0 having a larger presence with the Next Xbox. The more compact, higher fidelity sensor will accompany the Next Xbox upon purchase, rather than it being an optional peripheral purchased later. Another rumor being confirmed in the document is the addition of a Blu-Ray optical drive. It looks like a larger focus is being given to sound fx as well. The document refers to 7.1 audio being the standard for Microsoft’s next console.

What does this all mean? Well it means that rumors are abound with Microsoft so close to revealing it’s next console. It also means that many of the rumors swirling have been confirmed to be true, but the document that confirms the rumors is a year old. So Microsoft may very well have adjusted it’s final direction for the Next Xbox since then. Microsoft is planning an event next month to possibly (more than likely) reveal it’s next console. Until then we’ll continue to try and separate the wheat from the chaff.


Dylan Zellmer

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