Rumor: Call of Duty: Ghosts Headed To Next Gen Consoles

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Youtube user¬†Drift0r¬†claims the next Call of Duty titled: Ghosts will be headed to next gen consoles. The claim is supposedly from a “very legitimate” unnamed source. The information passed was reportedly announcement details, game modes, and possibly plot points.

The games setting is once again in a future filled with modern weapons, but some unknown event forces soldiers to use past weaponry.

Details about the multiplayer aspect suggest an overhauled player movement system. The ability to fire your weapon while dashing, sliding, and corner peeking are reported. That would suggest some kind of actual cover system.

Dynamic loading screens and destructible environments are also rumored. Since Infinity Ward wrapped up work on Modern Warfare 3 it’s been rumored they’ve been working on a next gen Call of Duty, and that may very well be Ghosts. May is supposedly the target for the official announcement.

Dylan Zellmer

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