New Beyond: Two Souls Game Play And Screens

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Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream have released the first real game play trailer for their upcoming title. This is a haunting piece of footage. Apparently it’s first thought that Jodie possesses some kind of telekinesis as well as clairvoyance at a young age, and the tests ran on her abilities turn ugly. While some Ghost Buster like card guessing tests are being administered, we get our first look of Willem Dafoe in Beyond: Two Souls.

It’s nice to see how we’ll be interacting with the world while in control of Jodie’s ward, Aiden. The kinds of interactions Aiden has with the environment and other characters seem to hinge upon the amount of energy you decide to dispense on any given activity. Quantic Dream decided to use a visual tethering between Jodie and Aiden, and it was a phenomenal choice, it shows just how deep the connection is between their souls. There’s a very heavy emphasis on the cooperative aspect of Beyond: Two Souls, and we’ve never had a cooperative experience quite like this one in a video game environment.

The ability to either listen to Jodie, or continue causing invisible mayhem seems to be one of the more important moral choices that will be present in Beyond: Two Souls. Trailer aside, some of the new screen shots give perspective to the ordeal Jodie experiences being on the fringes of society. There’s plenty to be excited about, and Quantic Dream will no doubt deliver another groundbreaking narrative with Beyond: Two Souls.

Image Source: neogaf user SolidSnakeX

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