New Battlefield 4 Trailer Teases Naval Combat



EA Games and DICE have released another teaser for Battlefield 4, and this time we’ve got propellers! The short twenty second clip simply pans to an idle propeller that is jarred into motion in the closing seconds, not much, but it confirms sea fairing combat.

Again, at the end of the clip the date the date 3/27/2013 is mentioned. EA and DICE are readying their reveal of Battlefield 4, and are more than likely making the jump to next gen consoles.┬áThat may be one of the reasons for the addition of Naval warfare. Nothing better than pushing new technology to it’s limits with brand new game play aspects.

Here’s the first teaser trailer for Battlefield 4:

Dylan Zellmer

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  • Useless trailer. Ya fooled me on BF3, horrible, horrible piece of sh!t. Thank god i didn’t waste 450 bucks I waited, two years, to the disappointment I suspected it would be. Botched up abortion really hard work to play that piece of sh!t. I won’t be bothering with 4. Video games are getting dumbed down and deliberately made worse, and harder – yet, amazingly, the price goes up never down. I will wait til its $10 because that’s what it will turn out to be worth.

    • It’s quite hard to tell at this point what DICE is doing with BF4, but if it’s coming to next gen consoles it could be just the thing to reinvigorate the franchise. Battlefield has a rabid fan base, and you weren’t the only one that was disappointed with BF3. Naval combat on a large scale could produce something yet seen in the FPS space.

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