Ron Gilbert Details Scuvy Scallywags



Ron Gilbert is best known for his creation of Monkey Island. His time with LucasArts produced the first two Monkey Island games along with Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman. Gilbert left LucasArts after the first two installments in the five part graphic adventure game. After his departure he began collaboration with other developers such as Hothead Games and served as Creative Director on DeathSpank, and continued to support Telltale Games and LucasArts in their fifth installment of Monkey Island.

Later Gilbert reunited with Tim Schafer at Double Fine Productions to collaborate on The Cave. Sega published The Cave on the XBLA, PSN, Wii U, PC, Linux, and will be coming to Ouya. After work was completed on The Cave Gilbert announced he’d be leaving Double Fine to pursue his own project Scurvy Scallywags.

In a blog post today on Gilbert’s personal blog Grumpy Gamer he detailed Scurvy Scallywags and provided some great images for the upcoming iOS and possible Android port. He details Scurvy Scallywags as a match three game with RPG elements. There’s something distinct about Gilbert’s match three. Your hero is moved around the game board to do combat with their enemy, and the swiping motion of the match three actually collapses the board in that direction (rather than the more traditional match resulting in the collapse). Gilbert states that the game may be ready within the next month.

Dylan Zellmer

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