New BioShock Infinite TV Spot Is A Marketing Masterpiece

Bioshock Infinite 002


Pretend you didn’t know that BioShock Infinite was on the horizon. Pretend, maybe, that you didn’t know what a “Bioshock” was. The television spot that ran last night during AMC’s The Walking Dead would have been a stern wake up call to anyone that didn’t know about the series, or isn’t an avid gamer. The graphics on display in the cinematic we’re borderline insane. We’ve been following just about everything that Irrational has been putting out to the public on the way to Infinite’s release on March 26th, and none of the previous trailers even hold a candle to what I saw last night.

BioShock Infinite is almost here. So far we’ve met Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth, and have seen our fair share of Columbia, but this newest trailer really puts everything in perspective and has me even more excited for March 26th. The tv spot did a great job of setting up the plot for Infinite and showing the team work we’re sure to experience between Booker and Elizabeth while he struggles to extract Elizabeth from the city in the sky.

Dylan Zellmer

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