iGR’s Top Internet Trolls Of The Week 3/11-3/17

Trantor The Troll

Welcome to iGR’s newest weekly editorial Top Internet Trolls. We’ve scoured numerous video game comment sections, forums, videos, and Twitter to bring you the best trolling money can buy. We’re going to limit ourselves to a top five list every week, or we’d constantly be online looking at idiotic flame wars, out of context hate, and PC elitism.

#5 – PC elitism rears it’s ugly head once again. This comment was found here  in an article about Sony’s upcoming “Playstation MVP’s” program. I don’t know what your stance on PC elitism is, but it’s one of the oldest forms of trolling on gaming websites. It’s old, tired, smelly, and needs to be put down. It’s an especially annoying type of trolling that’s usually implemented in an article that has nothing to do with PC gaming.

BloodthirstyCerberus – psycho_ps3truthh • 13 hours ago
PC > Ps4
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#4 – What’s worse than a bad, or over saturated story? I’ll tell you, Someone reading the story, and taking the time to comment on how it’s been over done. Well done sir, well done.


Dear Kotaku Writers,
I get that EA done goofed-up with the servers, but why must you constantly bash the game?

A Person Telling You To Quit Yo’ B!tchen.

#3 – Fanboyism, rage, and cereal boxes. IGN is the most fertile ground for good trolls to tread.


ROFLMFAO@your dumbass, 360 hasn’t dominated sh*t lil’ boy……. PS4 is gonna dominate every xbox produced, even the 720……. and where did you get ur stats on that crap shot, on the back a a cereal box, lol….. Read stats before you make comments like this buddy, stats I read and videos I watch, they both sit about the same…..PERIOD

#2 – Obviously Kingsigy is a game developer based on his expert analysis of Dead Island’s melee and firearm mechanics. This comment was in reference to some new Dead Island Riptide screens

KingSigy • 14 hours ago −
There was one point towards the end of the game where my friend Jim just started shouting, “I F$%#%^& HATE THIS GAME!” We both couldn’t believe how sloppy and lazy most of the game felt. The melee was garbage, the firearms were next to worthless and there were so many clipping issues that we fell through the world on a few occasions.

Really, more than a small bit of polish needs to be done on that game.

#1 – It’s time for the creme de la creme this week. If thepunkrockscott were to articulate his argument rather than being the vulgar, worthless troll he is, it may have come across somewhat insightful rather than shameful. Again, IGN to the rescue. Congratulations sir, you’re our top troll of the week.

thepunkrockscott   Crabby_Bastard • a day ago
And b!#ches will still frequent the site, bi!#ching and bleeding out of their v@&inas, thinking their opinion will change anything.

With that I bid you adieu for this week. In the future we here at iGR would like very much for the community to submit any absurdly terrible comments you find around the nets. You never know, maybe your submission will be featured. Feel free to give me ammunition for next week by sending your finds to:


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  • KingSigy

    Holy hell. I don’t even remember how long ago I posted that Dead Island Riptide comment. I still stand by it, though. I didn’t like Dead Island.