Saints Row 4 Announced

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Saints Row 4 was announced this morning with a hefty reveal trailer. Deep Silver recently purchased the rights to publish Saints Row during the THQ auction. The reveal trailer features an enormous amount of game play, and information about what’s new in the upcoming installment. The Third Street Saints have turned their focus on the White House after subsequently conquering Steelport and Stilwater. After the leader of the Third Street Saints becomes President of the United States, Earth comes under attack by an alien force. The event results in your Saint being shoehorned into an alien simulation of Steelport. While in said simulation you’re able to harness alien technology, and use some of the super powers on display in the reveal trailer.

It looks like your new Saint will have super powers along with the standard off the wall arsenal of guitar case rocket launchers, clown cannons, and more standard fare firearms (not to mention a few weapons I can’t mention here). Super speed and flight are two of the additional powers shown in the reveal trailer.

Deep Silver and Volition aren’t being coy about a release date either. It looks like August 20th is the day we’ll be privy to more third person, open world, insanity!

Source: Game Informer, Youtube, NeoGaf

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