BioShock Infinite “False Shepherd” Trailer

Shepherd Trailer 581 581x289


This may be one of the last trailers Irrational Games throws at us before BioShock: Infinite’s March 26th release. So far we’ve learned more about Columbia, the floating city, Elizabeth, and now the former U.S. Cavalry Man Booker DeWitt is starting to take shape. It’s been no secret that Booker was forced into the rescue mission that will be the focus of BioShock: Infinite, but the “False Shepherd” trailer sheds more light on how Booker became indebted to his handlers.

We also see more examples of Vigor in action (Infinites Plasmid’s), as well as a detailed account of the first time Booker ingests Vigor, and has a minor melt down. The omnipresent Songbird even makes an appearance near the end of the sequence.

Even though BioShock: Infinite had such a rocky development cycle, I have no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be another solid installment in the BioShock franchise.

Dylan Zellmer

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