Why I Can’t Directly Compare Tomb Raider To Uncharted Part 1 – Similarities



Since the announcement and subsequent release of Crystal Dynamics reboot of Tomb Raider, more than a few gamer’s have been closely comparing the Tomb Raider and Uncharted franchises. I have a hard time doing so for numerous reasons. It’s not like I don’t see the merit of such a comparison, but I can’t quite make the connection in the same regard as some have.

Rest assured I’ve looked at the genre, game play mechanics, tone, visuals, and protagonists that are associated with both Tomb Raider and Uncharted. To be sure there are some easy comparisons that can be made, but I usually find it’s the specifics that are harder to define that create a great gaming experience.

Let’s do a quick break down of some things that are comparable between the two franchises:

  • Tomb Raider and Uncharted both have artifacts found while traversing the environment, and accompanying trophies/achievements for finding them.
  • Some animations are also similar, like the subtle brush of a hand across a cave wall, or differed pacing during real time loading sequences. (This is actually a component I absolutely love about both titles.)
  • Some locales (like caves/caverns) share the same visuals. However, I found Tomb Raider’s use of Yamatai’s brutal history in tombs, caves, and many environs gave it distinction from Uncharted.
  • Both games rely on underlying sub-plots that are discovered a bit later in the story to add intrigue (ex. Himiko  – Tomb Raider or The Curse of El DoradoUncharted).
  • Another obvious similarity is the Third Person Shooter mechanic that drives both titles’ action sequences.
  • Both employ Puzzle solving
  • Superb Voice Acting is feature in both as well

If I missed something don’t hesitate to thrash me in the comments below. I’ve researched and played both games (that means all three Uncharted titles), but this was a definite “go with your gut” type article. It was fairly easy to outline the comparisons betwixt the two franchises, but the differences are further reaching and cut deeper than the similarities. Don’t miss Part Two where I’ll break down the things that differentiate Uncharted from Tomb Raider.


Dylan Zellmer

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