Arkane Studios Looking To “Flip The Coin” With Dishonored DLC

Dishonored 2012 Game Wide


What’s Arkane Studios up to this time? Another DLC has been outed by a combination of a vague Twitter post and a Playstation 3 trophy listing for a Dishonored DLC titled “The Other Side Of The Coin“. The above image has been making the rounds since the tweet, and if you’ve played Dishonored you’ll easily recognize one of the games opening sequences being portrayed from a different perspective.

This is a fantastic idea for DLC, and it may even spur a second play through of Dishonored. I’m always interested to learn the motivations of perceived “bad” people. Believe me, even a brief thumb through Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kompf sheds some light on the mass murdering, sociopaths motivations. An hour with A&E’s The First 48 is also a great example. I’m also a big fan of the anti-hero. Whether it’s Frank Castle, Severus Snape, or John Creasy I’m always intrigued by the killer with good intentions (whether they really are, or not is an entirely different affair).

We know the general idea behind the assassination, and attempted government take over in Dishonored, but knowing more about the people behind the crimes is interesting to say the least. I look forward to “The First 48” after the Empresses assassination with Dishonored’sThe Other Side Of The CoinDLC.

Dylan Zellmer

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