Star Wars: First Assault Details Leaked

First Assault 3 640 W


It seems Kotaku has received leaked details for Star Wars: First Assault. The game is being touted as a predecessor to the hugely popular Star Wars: Battlefront games. It seems that Star Wars: First Assault is an XBLA title developed by Lucas Arts.

Reports say that Star Wars: First Assault may be a tie in/lead up to the immensely anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront III. Battlefront III is rumored to be 99% complete by it’s developer Free Radical.

Rumors suggest that Star Wars: First Assault won’t be utilizing vehicles, jedi’s, or much of anything else that ties into the Battlefront games to make sure expectations aren’t too high for the title.

It looks like the Lucas Arts/Disney deal may have muddled the release date and/or the actual release of Star Wars: First Assault, and developers have been quietly working on a title they didn’t know the fate of since September. More on Star Wars: First Assault when it becomes available.

Dylan Zellmer

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