Is The PlayStation 4 Powerful Enough To Contend With Gaming PC’s?



When speaking to Gamingbolt recently in reference to the Playstation 4, Linus Blomberg, Co-Founder of Avalanche Studios seems to think the PS4 packs enough power to stay relevant for some time. He was particularly impressed with Sony’s choice of 8GB RAM, pointing out that most PC’s don’t currently offer that amount of RAM standard.

So with a Blu-Ray optical drive and 8GDDR5 the PS4 is looking like a powerhouse in the console market, and possibly on par with PC gaming at least for a while. Historically gaming consoles have been trumped ten fold by their PC counterparts, but it’s looking like the gap is narrowing a bit this console generation.

Blomberg speaks of using the Playstation 4’s impressive specs to deliver a new open world experience, which would surely be welcome in the console gaming space. Recently images of what appears to be a new Just Cause popped up on Twitter, and that may be just the project Blomberg is referring to when talking a new open world experience.

So what does the iGR crowd think of this analysis of the Playstation 4? Over zealous, or is it a possibility that the PS4 could contend with PC’s on some scale? What would the enormous PC elitist crowd do if this claim were true?

Dylan Zellmer

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  • You guys need to start including (links to) your sources. Especially since so much of this is not original reporting.

    • Thanks for the heads up on that Bryan. We need to remember to highlight our sources in bold so our viewers can see. Sometimes we forget that links don’t stand out very much with the color we’ve chosen. The second part of your statement is true, but somewhat needless as GameInformer, IGN, and other large outlets are constantly using tidbits of news from other sources on a daily basis.