Warner Bros. May Be Readying A New Batman Arkham Reveal

Batman Arkham Asylum Wallpaper 7


Is there a new Batman Arkham game on the way? Some time back we reported that Warner Bros. have registered several Arkham Domain Names. Shortly after it was reported that during an investors call another Arkham game would be announced in the next 2-3 months (that was last month).

Now some tinkering with the Batman Arkham City Facebook Page¬†¬†which is now known simply as Batman Arkham may mean Warner Bros. is consolidating their previous titles to make way for a third installment. It was earlier reported that Rocksteady is not going to be working on the third Arkham title, and Warner Bros. Montreal would be taking the helm on Batman’s next adventure.

The question also needs to be begged – Will Batman’s next face off with the Arkham residents happen on a next gen console? We’ll keep you up to date with news as it becomes available.

Dylan Zellmer

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