EA And Maxis Working Hard On Sim City, Offering Free Game For Inconvenience

Simcity Fightfires


Sim City has been having some trouble after launching on March 5th. If you didn’t know that you may just be living “under that rock” that everyone is always talking about. Gamer’s have been struggling with constant down time, poor communication, and refund refusals.

EA and Maxis are working hard adding servers to keep up with the constant barrage owners are putting on the Sim City infrastructure. Reports from Maxis’ General Manager, Lucy Bradshaw suggest that server capacity has increased 120%. The amount of gamer’s having connectivity issues are also down 80%.

In a further attempt to control the PR nightmare the Sim City launch has caused, EA is now offering a free game to owner’s for their trouble. When March 18th rolls around, provided your an owner you can expect an email that entitles you to a free downloadable game. No details, or restrictions were given on the downloadable game offered in an attempt to save face with the infuriated masses. Sim City is still not a seamless experience which is unfortunate, but EA and Maxis are working day and night (I’d assume at least) to fix it.

Dylan Zellmer

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