EA Not Refunding Digital Purchases Of Sim City

Simcity 5  2012  1939134

Sim City is being touted as one of the worst game launches in history. Why you ask, well there’s been constant Server Downtime and poor customer communication in the wake of the issues. Why does it matter if the “servers are down”? Always online DRM forces users to connect to EA servers to partake in the city building simulator.

Worse yet there’s a now been a confirmation that EA is not going to be refunding digital purchases of Sim City.


EA’s community manager made the mistake of making this statement – “[i]f you regrettably feel that we let you down, you can of course request a refund for your order… though we’re currently still in the process of resolving this issue.

The statement was later edited “please review our refund policy here.” More updates to follow as this situation continues to spiral out of control.

Source: Ars Technica


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