Rumor: Electronic Arts Has Cancelled Dead Space 4



After the recent closing of Visceral Montreal Electronic Arts has reportedly cancelled the next installment of the Dead Space Series. It’s been brought to light that Visceral Montreal was working on pre-production of Dead Space 4 along with the yet to be released Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel.

EA set high revenue goals for Dead Space 3, stating it needed to break 5 million units to turn a profit. The title was received mixed reviews upon release. It’s metacritic score sitting around a 78, with user scores putting it at a lukewarm 6.2 overall.

Electronic Arts may have aimed too high for the survival horror series, but they were hoping a different direction for the series would help with mass appeal. For the first time a cooperative mode was introduced to the Dead Space series, and the focus was shifted away from the survival horror aspect to a more standard fare third person shooter affair.

Regardless of the circumstances an source that wishes to remain anonymous tipped off to the yet to be confirmed news. What is known thus far is that Dead Space 3 sold 26% less in it’s first week than it’s predecessor in the UK. that type of sales dip may have lead Electronic Arts to a tough decision. We’ll wait to see if this is confirmed in the coming days.

UPDATE: An Electronic Arts  spokesperson has reached out to Game Informer to clear up the rumors stating While we have not announced sales data for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and it remains important IP for EA,”

Dylan Zellmer

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