Microsoft Reveals Some Of It’s Plans For Kinect 2.0



The Microsoft Kinect is a favorite of some (mostly kids and parents), and a item of disgust for others (core gamer’s). Microsoft has spoken a bit about it’s plans for the next generation of Kinect with The Verge. Namely that Microsoft intends to use the second generation of Kinect in more devices such as TV’s, Laptops, and maybe even tablets. The goal is to shrink the unit as much as possible while considerably upgrading the motion sensor.

Rumors swirl about Kinect 2.0 being an integral part of the next Xbox. Some have even gone as far to say that the Kinect is a requirement for the Xbox 720. An updated Kinect is likely to tie into the Microsoft Illumiroom demo that was shown back at CES. Microsoft is readying a presentation at the end of April at which time there should be more details revealed.

Dylan Zellmer

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