Rumor: Thi4f Revealed as Game Informer’s Next Cover?



Is Eidos Montreal’s Thi4f about to be announced? Game Informer took to Twitter to tease their next cover reveal set to release Tuesday 3-5-2013. Another interesting tid bit of information is given on Andy McNamara’s Twitter account. He states it will be an unannounced next get title.

If you’re an avid viewer of Game Informer’s Test Chamber segment, you’ll remember during the Crysis 3 edition they teased the next cover story would also feature a bow and arrow. Next Gen, unannounced, bow and arrow could all very easily lead to Thi4f being the next GI cover story. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow for confirmation, but it seems pretty likely.

Further evidence on the Eidos Montreal Thi4f forums all but confirms it:

*ahem* What’s this??

You guys are talking about Deus Ex in the Thief forums??

This won’t do. Not at all.

I’m gonna have to do something about this………….. Something drastic.

Lets reconvene tomorrow. Set your watches, taffers.


The rumor has now been confirmed by Game Informer, and we have all kinds of screen shots to take a look at Here.

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