Ubisoft Has Confirmed Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

Assassblackflag0228 610


Ubisoft has confirmed Assassin’s Creed Black Flag via cover art. No other real details are known at this point besides what’s been stated by Ubisoft in the past. If you remember a couple weeks ago Ubisoft stated the next installment of the Assassin’s Creed Series would feature a new protagonist and time period.

That’s exactly what’s on display in the cover art. A keen eye isn’t necessary to notice blonde hair under the Assassin Hood, and we’re obviously looking at a black pirate flag emblazoned with the Assassin’s crest.

Dylan Zellmer

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  • Chance

    I like the idea of assassins creed heading in the pirate direction, there is quite a bit of history they can hit on there.

  • Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

    It’s just unfortunate the series has fallen so far away from the stealth factors that established it.

  • The debut trailer for Black Flag is impressive, however it seems like Assassin’s Creed is starting to rely more heavily on the action aspect rather than stealth.