Ouya Release Date Confirmed For March



Ouya was one of the most popular campaigns in Kickstarter history. Crowd funding destroyed the initial goal the developers were hoping for. Ouya has also recruited the co-founder of thatgamecompany Kellee Santiago to take the reigns on developer relations.


It’s now been confirmed the $99 Ouya will ship March 28th. Santiago has gone on record stating “Ouya gets it. This is the first console company that really understands how important it is to remove the barriers to development. By freeing up the development process, Ouya is opening up new doors in console gaming.”

With that statement also comes the announcement of several titles in development for Ouya including:

  • A new unannounced exclusive title from developers Airtight Games
  • Papa & Yo, redesigned to fully take advantage of Ouya’s touchpad and layout
  • The Ball from developer Tripwire Interactive
  • ChronoBlade, a ftp Facebook action/RPG from indie developer nWay

More than likely we’ll see several new titles announced for the launch period between now and March 28th. It looks like Ouya may be delivering on the promises made to during their Kickstarter campaign.

 Source: Gameinformer

Dylan Zellmer

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