Microsoft Prepares Possible Xbox 720/Durango Announcement

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Just three days ago the nets were privy to Sony’s Playstation 4 reveal and all the goodies that came along with it, and some things that didn’t. Sony made a large misstep that Microsoft may be able to cash in on.

Everyone is wondering after the PS4 reveal, just where the console was. With that in mind we may still see the Next Xbox before we actually see a Playstation 4 Console. Major Nelson’s blog has been accented with a countdown to E3 for some time. Microsoft ┬ámay be either attempting to plant counter intelligence, or they may be preparing a simple retaliatory conference wherein they’ll emulate the Sony conference by showing games, developers, and maybe even the console before a proper product reveal at E3.

Who knows what the end game is, what we do know is that Eventcore registered a new domain on February 21st. The domain name was registered by Eventcore, and that being said they only register domains for events they’re organizing. What’s noticeable between the two whois domain listings is the creating and expiration dates of the domains. Eventcore has organized events for Microsoft in the past, and now we have an upcoming and unannounced Xbox Event to look forward to. So whether we’ll see a box or not when Microsoft takes the stage is still uncertain. What we do know is that they may be preparing an announcement before E3.

Source: NeoGaf

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