New Kill Zone Shadow Fall Screens From Guerrilla Games


Guerrilla Games took the stage during Sony’s See the Future press conference wherein the PlayStation 4 was revealed.

Herman Hulst introducted Killzone: Shadow Fall with an eight minute demo, and now we have some high resolution screens to go along with it. ┬áHere you’ll see the new breed of Helghast roughly thirty years after the first Killzone Trilogy.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was one of the first confirmed titles for the Playstation 4 Console.  These extremely high resolution screens show off the apparent graphical fidelity of the Playstation 4 Console.


killzone-shadow-fall-ps4-image-1 image_killzone_shadow_fall-21476-2660_0006 Killzone-Shadow-Fall-11

Dylan Zellmer

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