BioShock: Infinite – No More Delays



After several delays, and what can only be described as “development hell” Ken Levine has announced BioShock: Infinite has gone Gold. That means there’s no more delays in the forecast. It’s celebration time for Irrational Games. Knowing the typical AAA game release we’ll more than likely see a large day one patch to iron out details that had to be overlooked to get the game out on time. Irrational and Take Two have been more than generous with their updates during the development process of BioShock: Infinite which typically shows a high level of confidence in their final product. Now it’s time to wait out the remaining month more or less until BioShock: Infinite hits store shelves and we can all see the fruits of the development teams labor.

Check out Irrational Games’ Official Announcement

Dylan Zellmer

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