Developer Quantic Dream Attending Sony’s ‘See The Future’ Conference?

Heavy Rain Raindrops Wallpaper Concept Art


The Developers behind one of the most prolific PS3 Exclusives to date (Heavy Rain) are in New York City just two days prior to Sony’s ‘See the Future’ Press Conference.  Is Quantic Dream simply getting a “New York Slice”, or are they readying an announcement for a new IP for Sony’s Playstation 4 Console?

Beyond: Two Souls has been confirmed as a Playstation 3 Exclusive, so if Quantic Dream is taking part in the February 20th Sony Press Conference it’s most likely for an unannounced title.

Are you tuning in February 20th during work hours to watch Sony’s Press Conference?  Here at iGame Responsibly we sure are.

Dylan Zellmer

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